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Level, Crown & Polish

The Guide to Ultimate Fret Performance

Introducing "Level, Crown & Polish - The Guide to Ultimate Fret Performance" video! This is a step by step video that teaches the theory and techniques of performing a fret dressing. This is an advanced step in your journey through guitar repair after you have learned to do a proper set-up. 

"I'm confident that you will gain the theory and technique needed to do a top notch fret dressing with the help of this video. In the video, we cover all the correct procedures, theory and tools to guide you through the process. I'm really proud of the outcome of this video which has great pictures, video sequences, diagrams, music and very descriptive narration."

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After over a decade of teaching the COMPLETE Guitar Repair & Set-Up Clinic, I've been asked repeatedly for an advanced class.

Here it is in video form.


It's important to keep your frets smooth and round so that your guitar plays and sounds its best. Normal play slowly wears away the fret material and creates flat spots and divots. Routine inspection of your frets should be done while performing your set-ups and dressings should be done when problems exist. After you are comfortable with your guitar set-up procedures, fret dressings should be the next step in your quest for personally taking care of all aspects of guitar repair techniques. This video will teach you about your first line of defense against fret wear and fret deterioration and offer you the procedures and methods of executing a proper fret dressing course of action.

Topics covered:

Tonal changes

Tools needed

Description of tool use

Instrument/finish protection

Fret dressing theory

Finger board straightening

Fret/Fingerboard radius

Fret leveling




Final examination

Take your guitar repair knowledge to the next level and learn the proper procedures of finely dressing your frets. This video will answer your fret dressing questions and help you gain confidence in starting your quest for properly assessing and working on your frets.

This video is an ideal way of checking to see if attempting a fret dressing is the right way for you to go. It will also give you an idea of what tools you'll need before starting the job. Once you've gathered everything you need, you can follow along with the video and perform the tasks on you own at your own pace. A great reference for your repair collection.

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