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Private Music Lessons

Learn piano, guitar, bass & drums in the comfort of your own home or via Skype or FaceTime sessions!

Whether you have always dreamed of being able to play an instrument, or want to help a loved one fulfill their dream, Supreme Sound Studio offers a spectrum of music opportunities. Our private lessons cater to the student’s needs, making weekly classes an occasion to advance your musical journey while having fun. We invite children, adults and seniors to all benefit from the private lessons we offer. Over 25 years of teaching experience!

Please call 973-809-1357 to find out more about our programs and schedules. We would be happy to get you started.

Guitars, guitars, guitars...
Some of our students and teachers
Drums and percussion
Gift certificates available!
String room
Piano room
Piano, violin, trumpet, sax, flute
Lesson books
Spring Recital in the Park
Some of our lesson books
Ribbon cutting with the Mayor
Centennial Parade
Eunice & Rhys
Front desk
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