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“It’s been a very interesting and rewarding career path that I have chosen. I definitely feel quite lucky and blessed to have been given the talent necessary to make my living in the difficult and demanding music industry. It’s been my great pleasure to work with so many talented people during the past 30 + years, and I look forward to the future with excitement and enthusiasm!”


Brian Csencsits has been immersed in music his entire life, beginning formal lessons at age seven and culminating in the opening of his own professional studio, Supreme Sound Studio, Inc. in 1994. His education and professional experience includes formal studies at top universities, highly coveted internships and inclusion on the Grammy voting board.

With several decades of professional live and studio work, Brian has worked with many types of clients including independent artists and bands, producers and directors for national and international direct response ad campaigns, and students and local talent.

Please follow the link to the music sample page to hear excerpts of licensing music that may be available.

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