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Clinics & Workshops

Complete Guitar Repair & Set-Up Clinic

Learn the ART of guitar repair, set-up and maintenence from a pro with over 25 years experience. Receive FREE strings and more. Bring your guitar to this hands on clinic and learn to save money by doing your own set-ups.

Build Your Own Cigar Box Amp Workshop

Learn the basics of guitar amplifier technology! Join us for this educational and hands-on workshop where you will get a great introduction to guitar amplifier technology and have a chance to actually build your own practice amp. You’ll learn to read a schematic as well as assemble and solder your own working amplifier.

Guitar signal processing can be a fun and exciting to explore, but to the novice, it can be a bit intimidating.  Join us for this educational hands-on workshop and actually build your own point to point, hand wired guitar overdrive pedal with the help of an expert.  You’ll learn to read a schematic as well as solder and assemble your own working stomp box with output and distortion controls.

Learning the difference between Class A and Class A/B tube amplification or about the different types of tubes and tube placement can be very valuable if you own a tube amp or plan on purchasing one. There are many different ways to tailor your amp to get just the tone you are looking for.

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